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General information:
Epic bosses 78 lvl.
After killing any RB, you can get a Festival Adena (300-500), with 100% chance
The start location is Gludin, with top No-Grade items. Also, you can find a C/D-grade items in your inventory.
Exp/Sp: x1200.
Sub-class and noblesse:
Sub-Class without class. Maximum count = 3.
Noblesse costs 500 FA.
Seller: NPC "Noblesse"
Duration of the Olympiad: from 20:00 to 1:00 (Moscow).
Period of Olympiad - 4 weeks.
Start of Olympiad -  20:00 (Moscow).
No restrictions (without donate-items)
No-class battles needs min. 5 players.
Bonus for victory (10 FA)
Safe enchant +10.
Maximum weapon enchant +35, Armor +25, Jewelry +25.
Server currency:
You can buy almost everything for Adena*.
* Drop from monsters.
For FA you can buy useful items.
* Drop with chance from all monsters in the world, from Raid Bosses (which you can find in statistic), and from Epics.
For Donate Coins you can buy valuable and useful items.
* You can get it for participating in server ivents and promotions, as well as for financial support to the server.
Server radio:
Raid Boss:
 Re-spawn of RB like official server.
 Unique RB (Siege Golem) (Resp 2 hours +-1 hour)
 Drop: Coin of luck 6% (1-3) , FA 70% (100-200) Epic Jew. 2,5%